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Connie Hendrickson

SuperStar Director

Hello, It’s me Connie, Director of a wonderful team of girls and a few guys. We are one AwEsoMe Team! Go Team matchless Scents!! I’m from Ontario, Canada. I joined Scentsy in October 2009 when Scentsy first opened in the Canadian market. Christine, my sponsor found me through a mutual friend while I was on vacation in Park City Utah with my family. Christine drove up into the mountains through the first snowstorm of the season to find me. When I met her, I felt like I had known her all my life. I fell in love with the idea of Scentsy being wickless and flameless and I loved the scents. We left Park City for home the same day I met Christine. All the way home I couldn’t stop thinking about what would posses this woman to drive up into the mountains during a snowstorm to tell me about Scentsy. I knew I just had to join to find out! I soon learned that by sharing the Scentsy opportunity, we are not just sharing Scentsy , but we are sharing the opportunity to bless another’s life. Sharing Scentsy isn’t a bother, but the opportunity to bless another’s life. My family has been greatly blessed by the generosity of the Scentsy Company.  Soon after I joined Scentsy, I quit my full time job as an Instructor Therapist in an Autism Intervention Program. I was finding it difficult to work 40 hours a week and care for our 2 children with special needs. I was torn between work and family, Scentsy gave me the opportunity to stay at home with them.  I am now a full time mom to 2 children who came to live in our home 8 years ago.  Scentsy provides me with the opportunity to get out of the home and socialize, while making money. I love my Scentsy team.  Go Scentsy!! Why Scentsy?If you are like me, you love candles. I have spent dollars upon dollars on pricy candles to scent my home. I have often been let down, finding that the scent doesn't last long, or the candle turns black, thus destroying the look. I have also been afraid to let them burn, or to leave them unattended thinking my children and pets would get into them and  get burned. Did you know, that each year thousands of homes are damaged or destroyed by flame burning candles?  I have my own story to tell of what happend when a candle was left unattended in my home a few years ago.  I had a beautiful candle holder and candle set.  I had forgotten it was burning, and left for an afternoon of shopping. I returned home to find that it had exploded on the coffee table. There was wax and glass bits all over. I was very blessed that it hadn't started a fire. Scentsy's  initial motivation was to create a safe alternative to burning candles. Going wickless has allowed us to offer the public a safe, more cost effective method of scenting their world. I love Scentsy! No more worries!! How does Scentsy work?Just place your favorite candle bar in one of our beautifully designed warmers. The wax does NOT evaporate or burn so you won't have soot build up on your walls, furniture or in your lungs. When the fragrance  is gone, just pour the warm liquid into a disposable container (paper cup or plastic sack) wipe the warmer with a paper towel and put in a new scent. If you want to change scents, pour the wax into the original container or a paper cup or plastic bag and save for later.Scentsy warmers are SAFE to use around kids and pets. The wax is warmed by a 25 watt light bulb (15 watt for the plug in warmer). That's right, its 100% Flameless! No more worries about the family pet or the curious children knocking it over! Not to mention, saving an uncescessary trip back home trying to remember if you blew out the candle. The exclusive Scentsy wax has a melting point of just above normal body temperature so the melted wax will not burn. No Flame + No Wick + No Soot = No worries!!How will you Benefit?Lead Free, Wickless, Flameless, and Smokeless Incredibly potent, highly scented wax More fragrant than burning votives, tarts or wax chips.  Over 80 safe fragrances to choose from60 to 80 hours burn time per bar A safer and healthier alternative to wicked candles Beautifully designed and unique warmers suitable for every decor. Low heat emission wax, safe to touch. Heated by 25 watt bulb instead of flame Savings annually of over $140.00 Nice home decor piece, instead of charred black candle jar. Yuck!Great for... Dorm Rooms Kitchens & Dining RoomsBathroomsKids RoomsWorkplace & Home OfficeDaycaresOpen HousesReal Estate OfficesReception AreaGreat Night LightSGreat for RV's or Vacation RentalsHotel RoomsGifts 3 keys to Scentsy BUY :  You will love our Authentic Scentsy Wickless Candles, Scensty Electric Candle Wamers, Scentsy Room Sprays, Scentsy Car Candles, and our newest addition--The Scentsy Plug-In! HOST : Host a "Scent Event" and earn free and 1/2 price Scentsy Wickless products while having fun!  It's just that easy!!!   Contact me today to schedule your "Scent Event"! Host a $400 or more party and I will give you a Scentsy'sational Thank you gift! JOIN :  After trying Scentsy, it only makes SCENTS for you to join my team and earn extra income while sharing Scentsy with your family and friends.  Join the Scentsation and become the CEO of your own Scentsy Wickless Candle home based business!  For stay at home moms, it’s a dream come true! Not only will you make commissions on your sales, but you will also earn overrides and bonuses off the team that you recruit as well! Scentsy in NEW IN CANADA, this is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor!Join my team and become apart of a Scentsy'sational Scentsy  experience!  Contact me today!!!Have a Scentsy'sational day,Connie Hendrickson 

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